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Foot comfort by Berkemann – for the well-being of your feet

Our feet are subjected to great strain all day, every day – and all our lives. Shoes that are poorly made or do not fit well only add to this. That is why there is a renewed demand for products that offer our feet more comfort, whether by relieving discomfort caused by pressure or by gently correcting malpositions.

This catalogue gives you an overview of all the foot comfort products by Berkemann. Everything that characterises the Berkemann brand has been incorporated in their manufacture: 125 years of experience surrounding feet, the most recent knowledge in foot orthopaedics and the aspiration to use innovative and natural materials whenever possible.

When selecting our basic materials, we make sure that they are permeable and moisture absorbent if at all possible, thus making them especially skin-friendly. We deliberately forego the use of gel products, which can cause skin irritations or allergies when exuding silicone oil.

For us, that is true foot comfort – for integrated well-being.