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Hammer toe

The items of this line of products ease discomfort caused by shoes that are too tight or due to a claw-like malposition of the toes because of rheumatism. The assortment comprises products for alleviating pressure and rubbing pain as well as correctors and special bandages for gently correcting malpositions.

Hammer toe protective patch

The hammer toe protective patch with elastic band offers large-surface pressure relief for sensitive toe joints. Do not use in case of circulatory disorders.

Toe cap

The toe cap is made of non-irritating foam rubber and protects toes that are sensitive to pain or pressure. Can also be used in case of ingrown or injured nails or fungal infections of the toenails.

Toe aligner

The toe aligner is made of linen-covered foam and has adjustable, elastic loops. It can be used for one or two toes. The loops gently correct the malposition of hammer toes, while also cushioning pressure and impacts in the forefoot area.

Toe pad

The toe pad is made of leather-covered foam and has an elastic loop, which gently corrects the malposition of hammer toes, while the soft pad supports the toes from below.

Hammer toe night splint

The hammer toe night splint corrects the malposition of hammertoes during the night using two soft Velcro straps and a plastics bracket. At the same time, the foam padding on the bottom of the plastics bracket relieves the instep.