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Foot health and environmental protection can be this beautiful

Active at every step – The light weight of the poplar wood together with the built-in original 5-phase footbed ensures with its toe grip function that feet and legs are easily exercised and prevents, among other things, the development of varicose veins by activating the venous valves. Through the specific training and the rebuilding of the foot muscles, our models with wooden soles prevent malpositions, such as flat feet.

The shock-absorbing midsole softens every step and cushions the impact all the way to the spinal column. The environment benefits too because poplar wood from European production is a quickly regrowing natural raw material. This way, we interfere as little as possible with our ecosystem and preserve it for future generations.


Replacement straps and soles

Individual design through the simple exchange of the different straps and soles


Toe grip

Relaxed toes, exercised foot muscles


Shock-absorbing midsole

The best possible relief of the joints and spine


5-phase footbed

Restoration of the natural foot anatomy


Sole made of ultra-light poplar wood

For easy walking


Activation of the musculature of feet and calves

Prevention of varicose veins

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