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Relief for problem areas

WIth Berkemann shoes with stretch insert you can enjoy moving again – wearing them, your strained feet can finally feel good again. The highly flexible and elastic material looks almost exactly like leather and can hardly be distinguished.

The use in different parts of the shoes (inside and/or outside or forefoot) makes a perfect fit for all feet possible. Shoes with stretch insert in the inside area relieve exactly the problem area around the big toe for customers with hallux valgus and provide for comfortable wear feeling – but with a much nicer look than a medical health shoe.


Soft seams

Easy on the feet


Soft cushioning and elastic areas

Especially well suited for sensitive feet, like hallux valgus, rheumatism, and light diabetes


Velcro fasteners

Perfect adjustment options


Washable, removable leather footbed

Suitable for individual custom-made insoles

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