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Step up your professional appearance

Whether in the kitchen, hospital, laboratory, retail store or at home – regardless of where you show commitment, we support you. With their anti-slip cross profile, PU or Bercelas soles, our Work models make sure you stand firm. High-quality and soft materials support wear comfort, and the use of specially finished leather means that Berkemann shoes are pleasantly permeable.

Soft inner soles ensure that your feet are still fresh and relaxed even after a long day at work. Professionals who need custom-made insoles can simply replace the washable, removable leather footbed in most of our models with their own individual insoles without the loss of volume in the shoe. The wide range of our Work line will convince you. We want you to feel good – so you can wholeheartedly concentrate on your work.


Adjustable heel strap

Optimum support


High-quality upper

Soft and permeable


Anti-slip cross profile sole

Self-cleaning and stable


Safety cap in the forefoot area

Prevents damage of the leather


Washable, leather-covered replacement footbed

Natural foot climate and freshness

Discover the quality of Berkemann