Art.-Nr. 05154-587

Shoe Type: Ankle Boot

Size: 3-8,5

Color: schwarz

Fabric: Leather, Stretch

Gender: Women


With the Felizia, Berkemann has shown what the traditional manufacturer of shoes from Germany understands by contemporary comfort shoes. In a minimalist design, made from selected materials in Hungary, and featuring practical comfort functions, the comfort bootie Felizia ensures a comfortable tread. At the same time, the trendy zipper makes this shoe easy to put on and take off, while the partial stretch insert in the forefoot, thanks to its flexibility and soft padding, provides for fast alleviation in the case of foot complaints, as triggered, for example, by pressure and chafing points. Like all the models in the Berkoflex line, the Felizia also has removable footbeds covered in genuine leather, so it is excellent for the use of individual custom-made insoles.

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