Sannah *Rcycl
Art.-Nr. 05130-281

Size: 2.5-8.5

Shoe Type: Sneaker

Color: blue, grey, red

Fabric: Textil Recycled

Gender: Women


With the Sannah *Rcycl model from the Ecological Comfort line, Berkemann is combining style and comfort with sustainability. This protects resources, is comfortable for the feet, and looks modern and particularly stylish in trend-aware colors. The shafts of these modern comfort sneakers are made of recycled textiles, collected worldwide and sorted by color, shredded, and then prepared into fibers again by an Italian firm steeped in tradition. This principle works both for woolen and tree-based textiles as well as denims. The Sannah *Rcycl model has a removable footbed and is also ideal for anyone who wears custom-made insoles.

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