Art.-Nr. 03706-216

Shoe Type: Sneaker

Size: 3-8.5

Color: beige, blue, green, red, yellow

Fabric: MerinoKnit

Gender: Women


Comfort sneakers for women from Berkemann now also from MerinoKnit! With the model "Aitana" Berkemann now also follows, for good reasons, the worldwide trend of sneakers and comfort models knitted from natural merino wool. All the natural product advantages of merino wool already known from the textile and now functional textile sector, such as skin-friendliness, breathability, heat retention capacity, with simultaneous thermoregulation ability now also benefit the feet when worn at Berkemann. With its ComfortKnit line, Berkemann draws on years of experience in knitting shanks and so the merino shanks are also knitted directly into shape. This is good for the environment, as there is less waste in the production process that would be thrown away, and for the feet, which enjoy the comfortable fit. Different types of knitting and binding allow for selective flexibility or targeted support within an upper, so that the foot is gently guided in the shoe. Like many other models from Berkemann, this sporty comfort sneaker also has interchangeable footbeds and is thus particularly suitable for individual and orthopedic insoles. Another comfort feature: the lacing placed far in front offers easy handling when putting on and taking off and perfectly adapts the upper to the respective foot shape.  
The original 5-phase footbed, with which all Berkemann models are equipped, is based in its design principles on the Berkemann original gymnastic sandal developed by podiatrists in the 1950s for the prophylaxis of foot malpositions. Developed further over the decades and continually adapted to the latest orthopedic findings, the active principles of the original 5-phase footbed have remained the same over time: active support of the natural rolling process when walking and passive support of the foot anatomy when standing. In addition, this footbed specifically stimulates and trains the foot and calf muscles, activates the venous valve function, dampens the impact energy, thus protecting the joints and having an overall positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal system.
All comfort shoe models in the Berkoflex line from Berkemann, including this one, have practical interchangeable footbeds and are therefore also particularly suitable for wearers of sports and individual insoles as well as for orthopedic custom insoles.
This Berkemann comfort model has a high-quality dual-density sole made of two components. The TPU used for the outsole provides rubber-like elasticity and anti-slip properties as well as high tear and abrasion resistance. At the same time, the water-blown and thus environmentally friendly produced PU in the midsole has a cushioning effect by absorbing impact energy.
Berkemann comfort shoes are designed and developed in Germany and also made from European materials at Berkemann's own production facilities in Hungary.

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