Art.-Nr. 05262-572

Shoe Type: Ankle Boot, Bootee

Size: 3-8,5

Color: black

Fabric: Leather

Gender: Women


The "Fedra" winter ankle boot from Berkemann is a comfortable companion through fall and winter. Featuring a soft, warm lining, this model offers maximum comfort for the cold season. The non-slip sole with interchangeable footbed function and the metal eyelets on the collar, which make lacing easier, offer additional functionality.
The original 5-phase footbed, with which all Berkemann models are equipped, is based on the original Berkemann gymnastic sandal developed by foot orthopaedists in the 1950s to prevent foot malpositions. Further developed over the decades and constantly adapted to the latest orthopaedic findings, the principles of the Original 5-Phase Footbed have remained the same over time: active support of the natural rolling process when walking and passive support of the foot anatomy when standing. In addition, this footbed specifically stimulates and trains the foot and calf muscles, activates the venous valve function, absorbs impact energy, thus protecting the joints and having an overall positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal system.

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