Art.-Nr. 03703-451

Shoe Type: Loafer, Sneaker

Size: 3-8,5

Color: black, brown

Fabric: Leather, Stretch

Gender: Women


The modern and comfortable "Tecla" low shoe from Berkemann is characterized by function, comfort and a sporty look. A special comfort feature: the soft padded stretch insert in the forefoot area, which easily and immediately relieves common foot complaints such as pressure and chafing. Thanks to its high flexibility and additional soft padding, the stretch material counteracts material tension and friction, which can be caused by firm leather, for example, and relaxes stressed areas on the foot. Thanks to the partial stretch insert in the forefoot area, "Tecla" is ideal for complaints caused by corns, claw toes or hammer toes, for example. The zipper used on this model not only looks trendy, but also makes it easier to get on and off. All comfort models in the Berkemann stretch line have practical interchangeable footbeds and are therefore particularly suitable for wearers of sports insoles and individual insoles as well as custom-made orthopaedic insoles.

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