Metro Toeffler
Art.-Nr. 00442-096

Size: 2,5-8,5

Shoe Type: Clogs

Color: other, white

Fabric: Leather, Wood

Gender: Women


Toeffler - that's the name of Berkemann's sturdy, rustic wooden clogs with nailed shafts.They originated in the 70s and have been part of the Berkemann range in different versions ever since. With the Metro Toeffler shown here, this Berkemann model in the classic Toeffler shape shows its urban-style side. This Toeffler version also features the original 5-phase footbed, which is typical of Berkemann and integrated into the lightweight poplar wood sole, which supports the natural rolling motion of the foot. The toe grip function, which is also stimulated by this special footbed, trains both the foot and calf muscles with every step, thus activating the venous valves at the same time. The Metro-Toeffler differs from its larger siblings in small, subtle details. For example, it has a more pronounced arch in the sole and a chunkier outsole, giving it a unique appearance.

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