With over 130 years of experience in the production of high-quality footwear, we at Berkemann have always set high standards in relation to the quality of the basic materials used by us as well as the manual expertise of our shoemakers at our own shoe factory in Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary. Sustainability has always meant to us that our quality shoes simply last longer than cheap, disposable products thanks to the high-quality materials and the complex, manual processing. And should something wear out, with our repair service we offer the opportunity to extend the use cycle of our shoes to manufacturer level again. But what else does sustainability mean to us? Surely also long-term, trusting business relationships with our chosen European pre-suppliers, who, in addition to constant quality control of the incoming materials, form the basis for ensuring that we know what we are using and where it comes from. We also look to ensure short transportation routes within Europe and use, wherever technically possible, environmentally friendly and resource-protecting production processes. Thus, at our location in Zeulenroda, Thuringia, for example, we produce a large proportion of our required outsoles from water-driven PU on a modern machine system. Besides all the experience and tradition that such a long company history brings with it, like our company founder Heinrich Ad. Berkemann - who, in 1903, was recognized for the invention of the first industrially pre-manufactured insole - we focus on innovative production processes or materials characterized by more comfort properties or sustainable, resource-protecting approaches – yesterday, today, and in the future. Because the future of our planet affects us all.

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