Art.-Nr. 09310-175

Shoe Type: Loafer

Size: 3-8,5

Color: black, white

Fabric: calfskin

Gender: Women


Ideal for the practice and also suitable for custom-made insoles thanks to the removable footbed. EN ISO 20347:NEW 2012.

 The EN ISO certified airy and open “Tec-Pro-Larena” working shoe variant convinces with a sporty look and has all of the attributes which characterize a contemporary working shoe. The “Tec-Pro-Larena” thus has two practical hook and loop fasteners which make the shoe easy to put on and take off, are easy to use and also ensure both superb wear comfort and secure support. But that’s not all: with its removable footbed, this comfortable working shoe is ideal for the use of orthopedic custom-made insoles, while the anti-slip sole made from water-based PU material produced in environmentally friendly production, connected to the shaft by a hand seam, give the shoe particular flexibility.


By professionals – for professionals


You are always on the safe side with the “Tec-Pro” working shoe models. Because with certification in accordance with EN ISO 20347:2012, this model is officially categorized as a working shoe within the meaning of personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE category pursuant to Council Directive (EU) 2016/425: II. PPE protection class in accordance with EN ISO 20347:2012: OB SRC E.


All comfort shoe models in the Berkoflex line from Berkemann, including this one, have practical removable footbeds and are therefore also particularly suitable for people who wear sports or custom insoles, as well as for orthopedic custom-made insoles.
The main design features of the original 5-phase footbed, which all Berkemann models are equipped with, are based on the Berkemann Original gym sandals for preventing foot malpositions developed by podiatrists in the 1950s. Improved over the decades and constantly adapted to the latest findings in podiatry, the active principles of the original 5-phase footbed have remained the same over time: active support for the natural rolling movement when walking and passive support for the anatomy of the foot when standing. This footbed also especially stimulates and exercises the foot and calf muscles, activates the venous valve function, cushions the step impact, thus protecting the joints, and overall has a positive impact on the entire locomotor system.


Berkemann comfort shoes are designed and developed in Germany and are also made in Berkemann’s own production sites in Hungary using European materials.


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