Fedora (washable)
Art.-Nr. 01080-015

Shoe Type: Mule

Size: 3-8,5

Color: black, red

Fabric: Leather, Micro nubuck

Gender: Women


The Fedora model belongs to the washable range by Berkemann, so these shoes can be washed easily and safely at 30°C, either by hand or in the machine (a washing net is included with every pair of shoes). To this end, the leather is treated with a special coating which prevents the natural oils being removed by detergent, and keep it naturally supple. But Fedora doesn´t lack foot comfort either. For instance, the two Velcro-fastening straps are easy to use, and adjust perfectly to the foot anatomy to ensure the ideal fit and secure support for the foot. In addition, this model is especially well-suited for use with custom-made insoles, as the existing leather-lined replaceable footbeds are simply replaced with the individual ones.


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