Natural Toeffler
Art.-Nr. 00407-900

Shoe Type: Clogs

Size: 2,5-13

Color: black

Fabric: Leather, Wood

Gender: Unisex


Toeffler - the name of the robust, rustic wooden clogs with tacked-on shafts from Berkemann. The origins of the Toeffler go back to the 1970s and they have been part of the Berkemann range, in different versions, ever since. With the Natural Toeffler the traditional German shoemaker is now presenting the purest model of this series, just as this comfortable wooden clog was first issued in the late 1970s. This means the shoe comes with a stable but breathable genuine leather shaft which is fixed to the solid wooden sole with nails instead of the lower cost tacks. The Original 5-phase footbed, which is incorporated in the light poplar wood sole, also supports the natural rolling movement of the foot, while the toe grip function exercises both the foot and the calf muscles with every step. Additionally, the shock-absorbing intermediate sole cushions the step impact, all the way up to the backbone.


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