Toeffler with straps
Art.-Nr. 00402-100

Shoe Type: Clogs

Size: 2,5-13

Color: black, white

Fabric: Leather, Wood

Gender: Unisex


Toeffler - that's the name of the robust, rustic wooden clogs with nailed shafts at Berkemann. Their origins lie in the 70s and since then they have been represented in the Berkemann range continuously, in different variants. In contrast to the other Toeffler models, the Toeffler strap has practical straps with which the shaft can be adjusted to the shape of the foot in the area of ​​the instep and thus ensures optimum hold. Whether as a leisure or professional shoe, often used in clinics or medical practices, the Toeffler strap is extremely popular. Because the original 5-phase footbed incorporated into the light poplar wood sole supports the natural rolling process of the foot while the toe grip function trains both foot and calf muscles with every step and thus simultaneously activates the venous valves. In addition, the shock-absorbing midsole of the Toeffler models dampens the tread energy up to the spine.


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