Art.-Nr. 00400-100

Shoe Type: Clogs

Size: 3,5-10,5

Color: blue, white

Fabric: Leather, Wood

Gender: Unisex


The Toeffler by Berkemann is a sturdy and rustic wooden clog with hobnailed upper. Its origin lies back in the 1970s, and it has remained in the Berkemann range, in various guises, ever since then. The Standard Toeffler is a perforated leather version, which increases the natural breathability of the leather still more. A real bonus in summer! However it is as a work shoe, often used in clinics and medical practices, that the Standard Toeffler is hugely popular. Because the original 5-phase footbed incorporated into the light poplar wood sole supports the natural rolling movement of the foot whilst the toe grip function exercises both the foot and the calf muscles with every step and therefore simultaneously activates the venous valves. In addition, the shock absorber in the heel area cushions the impact of every step, all the way up to the spine.


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