Art.-Nr. 05727-937

Shoe Type: Loafer

Size: 6-12

Color: grey

Fabric: felt

Gender: Men


With Balian, Berkemann presents a particularly comfortable men’s felt slipper. The wide opening and a practical, easy-to-use Velcro fastener make getting in and out easy, while the variably adjustable strap adapts to the span height in optimal fashion, thus providing reliable support. The natural felt with a small synthetic fiber proportion keeps the foot cozy and warm and provides for a pleasant foot climate with its natural breathability. The elaborate hand seam which joins the shaft to the sole gives this model particular flexibility. Additionally, Balian is equipped with a washable, genuine leather-coated removable footbed and is thus particularly suitable for the use of orthopedic custom-made insoles, without significant loss of inner volume.


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