Nap sandal
Art.-Nr. 00107-100

Shoe Type: Mule

Size: 3-12

Color: white

Fabric: Leather, Wood

Gender: Unisex


The nap footbed softly massages the foot by stimulating your blood flow.

The nap sandal is a development of the original Berkemann sandal. However, the nap material provides for a booster effect in the foot sole circulation, as the naps massage the underside of the foot with each step. With the original sandal, Berkemann already has a genuine classic, if not the forerunner of all current active shoes, in its range. Originally developed in the 1960s by Prof. W. Thomsen for Berkemann as a prophylaxis instrument against foot malpositions among children, the original sandal conquered the whole (adult) world within a few years. To this day, nothing has changed of the principle of muscle training and muscle strengthening when wearing the original sandal. Step by step, the leather replacement strap and the wooden sole work according to the lever principle and thus train the foot and calf muscles. Additionally, the 5-phase footbed incorporated into the wooden sole supports the foot’s natural rolling movement, at the end of which is the toe grip function, which, in turn, activates the muscle contraction in the foot and calf. Thus, the original sandal can also be seen as the world’s smallest gym – that you can take with you everywhere.


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