Art.-Nr. 00121-015

Shoe Type: Mule, Sandal

Size: 3,5-10,5

Color: black, red

Fabric: Micro nubuck, Neoprene, Wood

Gender: Unisex


The Berkilette is a kind of gentle evolution - the classic in the Berkemann range - the Berkemann original sandal. Based on the original, the Berkilette has all the positive effects that have made the original sandal a million-seller worldwide. The 5-phase footbed incorporated in the particularly light poplar wood sole supports the natural rolling process of the foot, at the end of each step there is the toe grip function, which in turn activates the muscle contraction in the foot and calf. This is how you automatically train and strengthen your foot and calf muscles - step by step - and also stimulate the venous valve function in your calves. In contrast to the original sandal - and here we come to the gentle evolution - the Berkilette, thanks to the interchangeable straps with a neoprene-like lining, is also suitable for wet rooms and thus becomes a loyal companion in a sauna or bathing establishment. In addition, the Berkilette, like the original sandal, has a shock-absorbing midsole that dampens the tread energy up to the spine.


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